“Lorna puts everything into her massage and I always leave feeling relaxed, healed and just wonderful!”

John Norton

“Lorna moves her hands skillfully, firmly and softly, in an intuitive flow from the surface of the body deep into a healing, releasing place where I felt very present, light and connected in body, mind and spirit. An experience well worth repeating.”

Arantza Puente

“I recently had an Indian head massage with Lorna. It was uniquely invigorating and relaxing and afterwards the weight of the world had lifted from my shoulders.”


“Since being diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer I have been receiving Reiki Healing and Thai foot massage treatments from Lorna. The benefits have been unbelievable, the reiki helping me spiritually and the massage relieving the pain in my lower body, caused by the after effects of the years chemo-therapy.”

Thomas Page